5 must have gadgets for first-time parents

Prepare yourself with all the best gadgets and gear to handle those infant years with ease.

5 must have gadgets for first-time parents

A white noise machine

A white noise machine is something that you should need to keep always with you! This helps your kid to make your kids life easier with noise adjustments. These adjustments enables the kid to sleep well

Low, ambient noise can help soothe your child before he or she goes to sleep. There are a lot of white noise machines specifically aimed at children, but we're going to recommend this one from Marpac instead. It may be as cute looking as your air conditioner, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in functionality.

A humidifier

This is technically doing the work of air cooling with a proper adjustment for small kids. This humidifier makes the vapor contents more friendly to kid

Keeping a humidifier in your baby's room helps to keep dry air from irritating their nose and throat, leaving them more susceptible to sickness. This humidifier from Pure Enrichment will dispense water vapor into the air for 16 hours once its tank is full, and automatically turn off when the water level gets too low.

A bottle sterilizer

You gotta stop washing the feeding bottle!

Instead of washing your baby's bottles in a sink or dishwasher, Phillip's bottle sterilizer lets you clean them in a microwave using steam. The main benefits of cleaning bottles this way are that the microwave gets hotter than those other methods, which helps kill germs, and it takes less time. Plus, if you keep the container sealed, all the bottles inside will stay sterilized for an entire day.

A smart thermometer

Gone are the days of poking and prodding your child every few hours when they're sick to get their temperature. The Infanttech Smart Strap is a small thermometer that you attach to your baby's body via a Band-Aid style adhesive strip.

A motion-detecting night light

If you're running back and forth between your room and your kid's in the middle of the night, it might be a good idea to buy a motion-detecting light or two. I'm recommending this one from Cleartonics because it runs on batteries and can be placed anywhere using a 3M strip.

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