5 smart fixes if your smartphone has hanging issues

Smartphones are meant to be smart, smarter and smartest, but sometimes these smartphones keep hanging that annoys the user. Here are five tips that will help you fix the problem

5 smart fixes if your smartphone has hanging issues


In this tech-age smartphones have become part and parcel of a person's life. Hanging or freezing of smartphone is one main problem that we normally come across and this often happens when you take your phone to make an important call or to check out an urgent message or mail. And this happens due to many issues. Here are five tips that would help you fix hanging smartphones to a great extent.

Switch Off Your Phone

The most easiest way to solve this problem is by restarting or by switching off your mobile for a few minutes. Though it's hard to stay without your phone even for a minute, but this is the best and easy way to fix this issue. Tech experts advice to turn off your smartphone for some time in every 24 hours to avoid your smartphone from hanging.

switch off

Delete unwanted data

unwanted data delete

When ever you visit a website your phone automatically stores cookies and caches and this consumes a lot of your phone memory. Increase your smartphone memory by deleting all unwanted data and clear all cookies and caches. This will help to keep your system clean and avoid unnecessary hanging.

Kill non functional apps


Kill all non functional apps using task manager applications like Clean Master. This would help increase the speed of your device. Also make sure that you have exited from a game or application properly after using it. Most people do not exit properly that it still keeps running on the background which in effect slows down your phone.

Cloud Storage


Save only those files that you need on a regular basis in your memory card. Apart from files store others on cloud storage.

Use External Memory


Move already installed application to the external memory or directly install applications in the external memory as to empty the storage space of your phone. Also use external memory to save files that consumes lot of memory space like songs, videos and other data. You can move your files to the external memory by setting it as default memory.