6 questions Hillary asked Donald Trump about his Russian deals and Putin

Trump's rival Hillary Clinton has posed these questions to Republican Presidential nominee Trump to open up as the election campaign heats up.
Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton

US presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the spot for his alleged relationship with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

While Trump has often rejected the accusation against him and said, ”I don’t know that guy. But, Vladimir-Trump, nicknamed ‘Vlump’ by media are gaining more and more attention as the countdown for the US election begins.

Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton has posed these questions asking her popular rival to finally open up as the election campaign heats up.

Here are the 6 major charges against Trump by Hillary.

1. What’s up with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin?

Putin with his dark past as a major KGB operative during the USSR era, now controls most of Russian economy under numerous bogus companies.  Trump himself, a corporate tycoon, cannot stop praising the mysterious Vladimir.

Trump praises Putin as “a strong leader,” crediting him with an Affirm “A” for leadership. On record he said about Putin “He’s running his country, and at least he’s a leader.” Putin responded “[Trump] is a brilliant and talented person without a doubt.

2. Why Trump’s advisers have a Kremlin connection?

Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort has worked for international dictators, and spent over a decade under Putin’s ally Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Its is still not clear if he’s still on the payroll.


3. Why Trump’s foreign policy favor Putin?

“America First” talk by Trump alienates US friends and allies. Trump favored Brexit vote and is against NATO, favors Russian capturing of Crimea.


4.Trump’s pact Russia to save his secret tax returns

Trump is the only US presidential candidate to refuses to file tax return, does it mean all his money is locked in Russian banks.


5. Why Trump allows Russia to interfere in US election?

Russian hackers stole data of Democratic National Committee. Wikileaks posted all hacked emails of the Party on the day of Trump’s nomination. Now Russia is hosting Snowden, who leaked US secrets to Wikileaks.


6. Trump’s business ties with Russia?

Trump’s business dealings are kept a secret. He wants to lift economic sanctions on Russia—as it affected his business there.