Narada News exclusive: Is Amar Singh the`outsider’ behind SP fiasco?

"There was some dispute within the government, but no such in the family. Interference by an outsider was the reason for the dispute," Akhilesh has said
Akhilesh Yadav,

Blaming an ‘outsider’ for triggering a political crisis in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday admitted that there is a dispute within the government and not in the first family of Samajwadi Party.

“There is no as such family dispute, but an outsider was trying to create a rift in the governance,” he said on Wednesday, without taking any names. “There was some dispute within the government, but no such in the family. Interference by an outsider was the reason for the dispute,” he claimed.

Akhilesh is believed to be pointing his fingers at Amar Singh – newly-elected Samajwadi Party’s Rajya Sabha member. Singh, however, reacted in Delhi, saying that he has nothing to do with the present situation as he has very good relations with all the members of Yadav family.

Highly-placed sources said the genesis of this crisis lies with the party thrown by Amar Singh at his New Delhi residence on Sunday. Many senior Samajwadi Party leaders, including Mulayam Singh Yadav, Shivpal Singh Yadav, and Prof Ram Gopal Yadav, attended that party. Former Chief Secretary Deepak Singhal too joined them.

They said at that party, Amar Singh spoke against Akhilesh Yadav. Singh specifically mentioned how he was being ignored by the Chief Minister. He complained that Akhilesh was not taking his calls. Even Singhal ridiculed Akhilesh.

Once the information reached 5, Kalidas Marg – the official residence of Chief Minister – Akhilesh first showed Gayatri Prajapati and Raj Kishore, both close to Shivpal, the door and then sought an explanation from Singhal. The next day, Singhal was replaced with Rahul Bhatnagar.
Incidentally, Singhal was also close to Shivpal Singh Yadav.

“The Ministers and the Chief Secretary were sacked due to some governance issues and even the Social Welfare Minister (Shivpal Singh Yadav) knows well about the reason for their removal,” Yadav told reporters here during a function to distribute compensation cheque of Rs 10 lakh to the family of a dengue victim.

“There is no dispute within the family. We were one and would remain one till the last day,” the CM asserted.
Yadav added that Netaji (Mulayam Singh Yadav) has all the say in the party as well as in the family and his words cannot be disobeyed. “I have never disobeyed my father in the past, nor will do it in the future,” he said while admitting that Netaji had taken some decisions without his consent, but he will never go against it.

The CM said that all his decisions, expect a few, were taken in consultation with the party president and there is nothing as such of a rift between the father and the son.

Earlier, the CM had cancelled all his official programmes, except for the distribution of compensation cheque, following the political development leading to annoyance shown by his uncle and senior minister Shivpal Singh Yadav after he was divested of important departments last night.