Amazon Alexa extends support for LG's SmartThinQ hub

LG in a major expo, showed the unique Alexa integration for its SmartThinQ Hub, with features of Amazone's Echo

Amazon Alexa extends support for LG

Alexa, new age digital voice assistant from Amazon has becoming popular soon for having features to report traffic, weather, make shopping list for your family and play music and WHAT MORE...

But this week LG in major expo, showed the unique Alexa integration for its SmartThinQ Hub. The gadget looks a lot and works like Amazone's Echo, and could play music and control LG SmartThinQ appliances.But one feature that lacks is that unlike Echo it doesn't have any abilities to obey one's commands.

The device however is shaped just like Echo, and is a cylindrical speaker having many buttons to control the device. But, the major differences among the two devices is that SmartThinQ's LCD screen is on the top edge; while latter lacks one.

But, it can also give information such as weather if you close doors and windows. Though it comes handy to you, at times, it is not that accurate.  Alexa integration has new features like adding voice control to the mix.  We can use voice commands, to direct Alexa, so as to add events to one's calendar, regulate music playback, or simply see the traffic and weather outside.

During LG's initial introduction of SmartThinQ Hub,in 2016, the device could be controlled using  buttons placed on top of the speaker or through a companion app.

Some users say it was better than earlier days when they had to use their smartphone’s SmartThinQ app to control it.

Also, to activate Alexa, you have to hard press a button on the hub itself, similar to Amazon Tap. But, Alexa cannot be used to connect to to our other smart devices at home such as light bulbs or door locks.

LG hasn't yet announced the price tag or launch date of the SmartThinQ Hub. This has enabled LG , enough time to improve and change smart home control functionality. This gives LG an edge over the Echo in market.