Angela Lansbury: Latest Addition to Game of Thrones Season 7

The actress from the television series 'Murder, She Wrote' has been selected to make a guest appearance in two episodes of "Game of Thrones" season 7

Angela Lansbury: Latest Addition to Game of Thrones Season 7

The filming and production of the season seven of the famous television series by R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones, has begun in full swing and the cast is now in Ireland (Westeros). There are rumours that a couple of new faces are going to be seen in season seven of the show, one among them being Angela Lansbury.

Angela is best known as Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote, in which she plays a role of a writer who becomes an amateur writer to investigate murder mysteries. 

Murder, She Wrote started in 1984, and had a 12-year run because of its popularity.

According to Gild, a German media house, the 90-year-old actress will be seen in two episodes of season 7 in Game of Thrones (GoT). Her role in the series has not yet been revealed. Neither has HBO officially taken to the media to confirm this specific piece of news report.

However, Angela has been recently spotted in Spain to shoot for the same. If rumours are to be believed, she will be spending four days on the sets of GoT to finish her part in the show.

These are not Lansbury's only famous roles. The actress has won an honorary Oscar for her brilliant on-screen performances. She has also won, six Golden Globes, five Tony Awards and an Oliver Award. Her roles in movies such as 
Touched by an Angel, Blithe Spirit 
and Dear World are always going to be a part of her identity.

Along with Angela Lansbury, comes the news of another new, yet another Oscar-winning performer who's going to become a part of the GoT family, Jim Broadbent. He is expected to be playing the character of Maester Marwyn and will be advising Daenerys Targaryen on how to conquer Westeros and on dragons.

R.R. Martin has expressed that since winter has arrived in Westeros, the cast and crew needs to wait till it's actually winter for the shoots to take place. The season seven premier is due to air in June 2017, although no specific date has been officially declared. All this curiosity and excitement is surely going to keep the fans eagerly waiting for the winter to arrive in June.

In other Game of Thrones-related news, if you were ever wondering what Cersei Lannister's guard, The Mountain, looked like after he was brought back to life, here you go.


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