Keen on augmented reality, Apple hires experts

Apple CEO Tim Cook is determined to apply the concepts of Augmented and Virtual reality on Apple products as he makes efforts to hire experts in the field as well as poach some from companies such as Oculus and Magic Leap

Keen on augmented reality, Apple hires experts

Ever since the Pokemon game, that is based on augmented reality, took the world by storm, Apple has been determined to introduce the same concept on its own devices. In the recent past, media claimed to have seen two experts of the field who were hired by Apple. Both of these professionals of augmented reality and virtual reality belonged to well reputed and renowned companies. They hired  from Yury Petrov from Oculus and Zebu Li an engineer from Magic Leap. Not only did they stop at hiring experts, they also brought a start up company, Metaio, which is an augmented reality based organisation.

However, as the new information suggests, just these two aren't enough for Apple. The CEO of the company Tim Cook has gone on a hiring spree and has been employing many who belong to the AR and VR department to conduct thorough research and create a device that would use augmented reality.

Tim Cook had openly expressed his feeling about the concept of augmented reality as he told the media houses that he find it "incredibly interesting" and that it allows people to be more "present". According to the CEO AG is much better than virtual reality.

In Tim's words, as he told Good Morning America, virtual reality "probably has a lower commercial interest over time". On the other hand, in regards to augmented reality he says "probably has a lower commercial interest over time" and also believes that "augmented reality is the larger of the two, probably by far".

Apple is not the only company that has set its mind on making augmented reality an essential part of their company. Google and Microsoft are in the race as well. Google with its Google Glasses and Microsoft with its Hololens platforms have been trying to adapt this new fascinating technology which the world had become a fan of.