Apple iPhone 7 launched: Why it's now trial by fire for Tim Cook

Today, Apple launched the iPhone 7 much to the anticipation of the users, but now CEO Tim Cook faces a challenge to restore the faith of Apple fans amid dismal predictions of the market regarding the latest offering.

Apple iPhone 7 launched: Why it

Following decline in sales in the recent past, and disappointing sales projections for the iPhone 7, CEO Tim Cook's task is cut out. Today's launch event was not like any other in the past for Apple. The excitement surrounding the event was not as it used to be, rumors and leaks suggested that Apple had nothing exciting to offer this time around, and the trust of its loyal users base was gradually shifting towards its competitors if sales figures are anything to go by. For the first time in its history, Apple's launch event was preceded by a decline in sales of iPhone.

This year's launch event was been closely watched by industry insiders who have been following the trajectory of Apple post the death of its founder Steve Jobs. There have been innumerable instances of comparisons between Jobs and Cook with opinion divided as far as the future of the company is concerned. After reports that iPhone could be launching the new iPhone with the same design that it has maintained for the last three years, came the news that it won't have the universal headphone jack. The launch just went on to prove that. Both of these facts were found to be disturbing for Apple loyalists and experts who have aired their views in the negative over different platforms. To the users, Apple has failed to give a solid reason to "upgrade" to a largely unchanged iPhone.

There is huge uncertainty around the iPhone unlike ever before and whether or not Tim Cook managed to convince the world through his presentation to the world to remain interested in the latest offering is something that we need to wait and see. But if you take history into account, Apple’s success over the years has been largely due to its knack to do things differently. Apple, with its products, has not been giving people what they want. They have created a product and people have realized that This is what they always wanted. Take the case of their candy-colored, teardrop-shaped Macs, or their all-touch iPhone in an era when other smartphones came with a physical keyboard.

All said and done, one fact remains unchanged - Apple has a loyal fanbase. No matter if their latest product offering has not been as good as the last iteration, still Apple has managed huge sales, and that is what matters at the end of the day.

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