Apple iPhone users should buy these to click mind-blowing images

These six products are going to make your photography experience with Apple iPhones better than ever

Apple iPhone users should buy these to click mind-blowing images

In 2015 there were a total of 230 million iPhones sold across the world. With iOS as its operating system, Apple iPhones are the second most widely used smartphones in the world. In 2016 a trend has been noticed, a trend where people have decided to keep their DSLRs home and have chosen to enjoy their hobby of photography with their Apple iPhones. Who can blame them? With iPhone like clarity, there is only so much you can complain about as a photographer. Recently, there was also news that professionals has started to use iPhones at big events such as for covering weddings.

With a gadget which is on such a high demand amongst photographers, it is only fair if your experience with this marvel is made all the more marvellous. If you have these gadgets you don't even need to take your huge cameras along, even while you're travelling.

Some innovative and creative accessories and add-ons are all you need to capture that perfect moment, with your Apple iPhone. Here is a list of products that go very well with your beloved iPhone. These babies are going to change your life! And we're not just talking about selfie sticks. Everybody has one of those, now.

1. Instant Photo Printer 



So get this, a wireless, instant camera connected to your iPhone. Click pictures and instantaneously print them, as soon as they are clicked and share with whoever you wish to share. They are exactly like the old polaroids, only technology has abled them to connect with the "Apple" of your eye.

2. Rotating Stand 

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 17.13.47

A stand that allows you to take panoramic pictures and videos at an angle of 360 degrees, even in time laps format. What else can a photographer ask for? It eliminates the effort required to hold the camera at a steady pace, for perfect photography and videography quality.

3. Attachable Professional Lenses


Ladies and gentlemen, behold lenses that let you click professional pictures with your iPhone, all you need to do is turn on the wi-fi and let the lenses to their magic. They can zoom up to 10 times. Consider it a detachable camera where your phone-screen serves as a camera screen.

4. A Memory Card that is WIRELESS 


Does it need anymore clarification? Yes, such memory cards exist! You don't need to connect your iPhone with the camera or the laptop. If in case you wish to upload pictures you clicked from your DSLR directly, to your Instagram account, via your iPhone, here is a wireless and quick method of transferring images without any hassle.

5. Old Photo Film Scanner

Film Scanner

If you're old school and into photo films, or perhaps you found old memories in films that you'd wish to share on social media, here is a gadget that reads films, converts them into photos and allows you to upload them on Instagram, to show to the world.

6. Pocket-Sized Projector 


Photographers on-the-go, must need to take quick glances at their pieces of art. Introducing , pocket projectors! Connect your phone with these petite projectors and watch your pictures on a big screen. You can even take a break from work and indulge into some guilty pleasures of your own, catch a movie maybe?