Apple iWork Will Soon Be Available With Real-Time Collaboration

Apple targets the suite and tie clads by competing with Google Docs and Office 365 as it launches real-time collaboration on its iWork application

Launch of new Apple products have been the highlight of today. At the event, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple had a lot to share with the audience who has been glues to their screens watching as Apple launches it’s new iPhone 7, along with wireless earplugs. The other thing that has become the highlight of the day is the real-time collaboration in Apple’s iWork application.

Apple is now in the race to compete with Google Docs and Office 365, as it recently unveiled the new feature of real-time collaboration on iWork, for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Web. iWork now allows users to work on the same document and edit it simultaneously. Similar to what Google had introduced in 2007, on Google Drive. This feature is added on to Number, Keynote and Pages. It is essentially useful to business men, working officials and students, to share documents and have access to edit the informations, as and when required. Each active participant on the group is identified by a different colour of bubble, to make aware other users as to who is editing what.



It is the first time that Apple has introduced real-time collaboration into it’s iWork app. During the product launch, Tim Cook expressed his excitement by sharing a demo of the real-time with the audience, as he worked on Keynote and shared the document with other staff members. This demonstration was also recoded and shown on the big screen. He said “We have never edited a deck live on stage before” further adding “but we’re so excited to show you our real-time collaboration, we’re going to do it.”.


At the time Apple was introducing this much needed feature, they addressed its use in relation to education and business. However, Apple has always been keen towards promoting education through their products and applications, their collaboration with Obama’s ConnectED initiative a proof of that. Therefore, even today at the event, Apple handed over the stage to the Vice President of Worldwide Apps Marketing, Susan Prescott, who spoke extensively about the use of iWork’s real-time collaboration in the lies of the students. “”iWork is all about making beautiful and engaging documents. For people who want the power of iWork, there is a great way to work with colleagues or classmates to work together.” she said.

There has been no specific date given for the launch of real-time on iWork. For now, the news of iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 has the Apple fans drooling over these new gadgets.