Apple Watch 2: Should you use it as a fitness tracker...

Apple Watch Series 2 is released today by the company. Apple has added more features to make the Apple Watch Series 2 more of a fitness tracker.

Apple Watch 2: Should you use it as a fitness tracker...

The Apple Watch Series 2, the latest gadget to hit the market will be released today. Apple has added more features to make the gadget more of a fitness tracker, after coming to know that people used the first model for health and fitness-tracking.

Features of new Apple Watch For fitness freaks

For fitness freaks, Apple provided GPS and better water resistance. Its new software is more like that of an accessory only.

Can take it to swimming pool:

This new feature comes as a big relief to sportsmen, especially swimmers. They can now spend time in pools with out any fear, as the new model is fully water resistant, unlike its previous model.

The new model is water resistant up to 50 meters. It's Workout app can help track both pool swims and open water swims, recording laps, distance, and stroke style.

GPS feature:

The best deal of the Watch is GPS feature. It can measure the distances of your jogging or cycling, and also show your workout in its Activity app. You will immediately receive a GPS signal.


It is as accurate as other smartphone models in the market. But, it does show negligible errors though.

Activity tracking and exercise options:

It can record your daily activities, that will be shown on the watch itself. It has optical heart rate sensors also.

Cons of Apple watch:

The battery unfortunately can last only five hours when accessing a GPS signal. Another drawback is its couldn't show that GPS is on when it is a an outdoor workout mode. We have to understand that it is functioning.

Users cannot explore "searching for GPS" message that pops up on sport watches by other brands. It will instantly start looking for a signal once you open the Workout app on the gadget. It will consume, data from other parts like the accelerometer, and go on until it finds the GPS.