Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Release a New Song Together "My Favourite Part"

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller take their romance to a whole new level by dropping their first single together as a couple

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Release a New Song Together "My Favourite Part"

It was only recently when fans were speculating if Ariana and Mac have furthered their friendship into romance. Although, the two said that they were just homies and were spending some quality time together, but their social media posts narrated otherwise. Over the course of the past few months, the singer of Into You Ariana Grande and the singer of Weekend Mac Miller have been spotted together and their cute pictures have been melting everybody's hearts.


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Although, some would say that it was rather quick for Ariana to jump into a relationship with Mac after her break up with Jai Brooks. The first time Ariana and Mac had met was during the production of their first song together, The Way, in 2013. After that their friendship deepened but they hadn't produced anymore songs together, until now, of course.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have brother their magic back into the studios, this time with a dash of romance. They have launched a new single together, My Favourite Part which has the fans swooning, all over. The new song is going to be a part of Mac Miller's studio album, The Devine Feminine.

The 24 year old Mac has largely been known for his rapping skills, however, this time around he showed the audience that he is capable of much more by adding on some smooth vocals to this new song featuring the 23 year old Ariana, with her ever so sweet voice.



The song is now out on Apple iTunes and has received thousands of views on YouTube since it was launched yesterday. As of now only the audio of the song has been let out for the world to sing along with. Wonder what the video is going to look like?

Considering that both the songs produced by the duo have received a good response, we hope that the two stick around together and produce more melodies for their fans.

Listen to the song here: