Ashley Graham speaks about being Confident and Sexy!

Ashley says she is very confident about herself and loves women of her size to walk in runway..

Ashley Graham speaks about being Confident and Sexy!

Ashey GrahaAshley Graham Tells 'Elle Canada' We Are In The 'Body Era'!m, popular lingerie model has fluanted her curvaceous figure for ELLE Canada. This A-plus figure model says she is now confident, having shot for the new October 2016 cover of the magazine, that will be out on September 12.

This 28-year-old model who is famously known as a lingerie model for plus-size clothing store Lane Bryant is the  first plus-size woman figured for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue reveals to the magazine about her sexy image and confidence.

When asked if she had been confident always, “When I was growing up, my mom always told me that I was smart even though I was called dumb in school because I had dyslexia. I was also a big girl who played sports and ate well, and she would tell me ‘You’re fit and healthy.’

Ashley Graham Tells 'Elle Canada' We Are In The 'Body Era'!

I was super-insecure at the time, but it helped to hear her words. Then I moved to New York [to model] and gained a ton of weight because I wasn’t working out or eating right. I hated the woman I had become because I didn’t feel right in my own skin. I was a size 18 and I was looking for affirmation and attention in all the wrong areas. I had agents telling me I had to lose weight, and I was like, ‘Why am I allowing people to dictate my future?’”

She added, “I started telling myself all the things my mother had told me—‘You’re bold, you’re brilliant, you’re beautiful’—and I gained my confidence back. I got rid of the negative people in my life, I started going to the gym and I met my husband, who I’ve now been married to for six years.”

About being sexy and if she wants to get away from that, she expresses, “I feel like I ooze sex, so no. But if everybody was with me in my off time, they’d be like, ‘Oh, she isn’t really that sexy all the time.’”

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When asked about what she is proud of, “I’m really proud of a lot of things in my career, but, in my life, I’m most proud of my marriage. We have a solid foundation, we’re best friends and we have incredible chemistry. I’m so happy to know I can build something with somebody.”

Ashley gives us advice about embracing our lives to the full and not to weigh happiness based on our dress size. She is indeed an inspiration to all who want to be confident in their skin!