BEAUTY TIPS: How to hide dark circles using makeup

Dark circles are one major issue faced by many. Here are a few tips on how you can hide dark circles with proper make up.

BEAUTY TIPS: How to hide dark circles using makeup

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Dark circle is a major problem being faced by many people these days. With a fast moving life and busy work schedule most people these days do not even get proper sleep which can lead to dark circle. But in some cases even after sleeping a lot, you still have dark circles and this could be due to various reasons like hereditary, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes, stress or seasonal changes. Having dark circles make you look dull and tired even if you are full of energy.

Many are under the false notion that they can hide dark circles by using foundation, but mere foundation is not of any help and even looks worse and fake. And this is when a concealer can come to your help, but simply applying is better than not applying anything. There's a proper way to do everything and in this case too, you need to follow proper techniques to hide dark circles.

So now let us look at this in detail.



First thing you need to do is to make sure that the base make up is done properly before you get started with your concealer.



After having applied a concealer the next step is to dab a single stroke of an orange lipstick under the eye as this would help get rid of any purple undertones.


Now with the help of the concealer draw an upside down triangle underneath your eyes and then blend the orange lipstick and the concealer together in a slow dabbing motion, and for this the best thing that you can use is not a brush but your fingertips. Make sure that you dab and not rub. One point that you should keep in your mind is that you should highlight the area using a concealer in a shade which is lighter than your actual skin tone as this would give an impression that you are wide awake and have a really bright eyes.



Now it's time to set this using a translucent powder so that the make up does not crease and stays for a longer time.