BJP invites Anna Hazare to speak on 'unhealthy politics' of AAP

Upadhyay wrote the letter after Hazare on Tuesday said that his dream about his one-time protege and Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal bringing about a positive change in the political system lies �shattered�

BJP invites Anna Hazare to speak on

As Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party government faces embarrassments in many controversial incidents involving its party leaders, the Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday urged the Delhi CM's former mentor and social activist Anna Hazare to once again “rise” for the nation and speak to the people from Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

Satish Upadhyay, president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Delhi unit, wrote:“I request you to please rise for the nation, come to Delhi and speak clearly to people from the Jantar Mantar on what you feel about the unhealthy politics of AAP and guide the nation like you did to fight corruption under the past regimes.”

In his letter to Hazare, Upadhyay said the people of Delhi expected purity in governance from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal “as promised during your Jan Andolan days but today Delhi feels ashamed”.

“Unfortunately, he has worsened the political atmosphere,” he added. "Lakhs of people in Delhi saw the AAP convenor as a product of Hazare’s Jan Andolan and hoped he will work for a better India."

The BJP leader said people thought of Kejriwal as someone who harboured high ideals and bring the much needeed change in the political atmosphere in the country.

“But unfortunately, the people of Delhi stand dejected with the Kejriwal government and his party,” Upadhaya said, referring to three AAP ministers who were removed or forced out of the government due to various allegations against them.

Recently, Delhi government's  Social Welfare Minister was sacked and suspended over a sex CD allegedly involving him, and in June 2015, Law Minister Jitendra Tomar had to resigned after he was accused of forging his college degree.

According to a report in the TOI, the social crusader said on Wednesday he would start an agitation against his one-time most trusted colleague - Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in the national capital if he got concrete evidence of wrongdoing against Aam Aadmi Party ministers.

Addressing a group of reporters in his native village, Hazare said: " I have no doubt about Kejriwal's character. But his reputation has been damaged because of the people he took in his party to win power. If he wishes to win over the confidence of people again, he should give up power and serve the nation again."