Countries Around the World that Offer Free Education to International Students

Want to study abroad for free or at a minimal cost? Have a look at this list of countries that offer free or almost-free education to foreign students

Countries Around the World that Offer Free Education to International Students

Education has become a top priority in most parts of the world. Students all over wish to excel in their specific fields of interests and that will eventually help them in making a promising career.

Pursuing something academically is in itself an experience. The experience is all the more enhanced and exciting if studies are pursued in an unfamiliar environment. But studying abroad for free is the best deal one could ever ask for.

Here are a few countries that offer international students this life long treasured gift for free.

  1. Germany


The educational quality in Germany is, undoubtedly one that of high quality. Free education or higher studied at nominal cost is a cherry on top, under such conditions. In public universities, international students wanting to pursue higher studies in Germany, are expected to pay only a bare minimum administration fee of €150-250.

  1. Greece


Super low cost of higher education and access to a beautiful city with surprisingly minimal living cost, is the best place for students to head. Dare I miss out on the fact that the food in Greece is heaven!

  1. Sweden


Although, higher studies in Sweden aren’t really free of cost, but PhD is! Sweden offers PhD courses for free, to students. So if you wish to add that “Dr.” prefix to your name for hardly any money at all, you know where to head. Guess what, sometimes, they even pay.

  1. Norway


The country offers absolutely free education to students of Under-graduation, post-graduation and on doctorate level. There is, however, one condition. To gain free higher education in Norway students bust learn the Norwegian language as the curriculum in the universities there are taught in the local language. They might even ask for the proof of your proficiency.

  1. Finland


The good news is that, as of now, education on any level in Finland for any nationality is absolutely free. The bad news is that those who chose to pursue Bachelors and Masters in English language are going to have to pay a certain amount of fees starting next year, 2017.

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