Did Donald Trump's anger lead him to blow away opportunity at presidential debate

It left him in angry mood and disturbed his rhythm . Thereby rattling his debate body language. This was in sharp contrast to the image of his rival Hillary , who most of time she was calm and in control.

Did Donald Trump

As the US Presidential Elections 2016  dawns on November 8th . The much talked about debate between the two Presidential hopefuls - Democrat Hillary Clinton  and Republican Donald Trump generated lost of interest as they clashed in the first ever direct face to - face debate .

The former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  came out with her aggressive stance on host of issues and dispelled persistent health rumours.  As she spoke during the debate  she effectively conveyed the image that she  was a Presidential candidate with a mission and and was able to portray Trump  as virtual outsider . This was sea change in the face-off between Hillary and Trump. This was quite unlike the scenario in Republican primary debates.

Trump who had in the past mustered his art to wriggle out of tricky situations  and wrest control over the conversation  was not able to  re- create this attribute of his  here .  It left him in angry mood  and  disturbed his  rhythm . Thereby rattling his  debate  body language. This was  in sharp contrast to the image  of his rival Hillary , who  most of time she was calm and in control.

During the debate Trump said some things about trade and jobs that probably resonated with blue-collar voters in Pennsylvania,

Through out  the debate tried to be present himself  as  smart and competent, or not offensive. But When  it came to the real issues confronting the nation -  Clinton  was more straight and  talked about policies, and plans such as how she would fight Islamic State ( that has become a menace around the world) if voted to power . On the other hand the flamboyant Donald Trump  used the stage  and cited his temperament as his strongest asset and offered few specifics. Thus effectively let the grand opportunity slip away  and quite possibly his shot at high profile Presidency .