Do not commit these Blow- Drying mistakes

Know the right ways to use a blow-dryer..

Do not commit these Blow- Drying mistakes

A blow dryer is an essential product to groom yourself, and it comes very handy in situations when you are in a hurry to go to office or parties. However, you need t take these precautions while using a dryer. Read to find out:

1.Incorrect use of  products for your hair type

Check the type of your hair, since using any wrong product can mess it up and make your hair unruly.  If you want fine hair, you could get the most desired effect increasing the volume. In order to maximize the reaction, the lasting power of your blowout, spritz in a thickening spray before you begin.

2.Holding the blow dryer close.

Placing the blow dryer very close to hair, especially when using heat mode, will make your hair frizzy and breakable. This can burn your scalp. Several blow dryer manufacturers ask to maintain a distance of 30cm from the head. This is a safe distance to get the highest styling benefits from a blow dry.  For cold setting, a hand width from the head is considered.

3.Wrong way of holding the brush

Avoid holding the dryer with your hand and work the hair brush with your weaker hand. Switch the sides instead. Let your stronger hand control the brush and dry your hair from the weaker. This will require less time. Groom yourself to do it the correct manner. The better and smoother results will be fetched.

4.Not organizing the hair

Be it thick hair or thin hair, it is important to pay attention on how to blow dry your hair. The trick is to minimize the time spend in blowing your hair dry.  When more heat is focused on your hair, the higher are the chances of causing hair damage. Speed up the blow drying procedures by organizing your hair. Start off by combing your hair and entangle them. Next, create sections in your hair into smaller ones. This might sound time consuming but t is very effective and works quicker since it is easier to dry small sections.