Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off during the US presidential debate

Experts say, if Donald Trump is able to maintain his election campaign tactics (not exposing his lack of knowledge, debate skills, or losing temper), he can still have an upper hand in US presidential debates
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The entire world will be glued to their TV screens on Monday night to watch the presidential debates as  Donald Trump faces Hillary Clinton.

Tonight’s debates will finally set the tone and decide the mandate for elections on November first week.

Stakes are high and emotions wild, as Donald Trump with practically no debate experience will match up to the highly experienced and intelligent Hillary.

She had skillfully outsmarted not just her Democratic Party rival Bernie Sanders, but also faced Barack Obama during her last bid in 2008.

Trump, on the other hand never spoke for more than 2-3 minutes during his primary debates, where he challenged his rivals mainly due to his mere presence rather than his arguments.

Experts say, if he is able to maintain the same tactics today as well (not exposing his lack of knowledge, debate skills, or losing temper), he can still have an upper hand.

But, if forced by his smart rival he may talk some insights about his controversial policies, that almost set America on fire, since his Quixotian campaign trail for last few months.

For Hillary, apart from a smart and well augmented talks on US policies and national security, she has to expose the real threat posed by Trump to voters.

Her victory lies in proving voters the follies of Trump rather than her merits. She has to argue well to do damage control as she is trailing behind Trump in opinion polls now.

Trump, is likely to reiterate that she is dishonest, especially her recent pneumonia infection, and will surely ask why she took so long to admit to it.

He has termed her “crooked” and “dishonest” many times and will surely present himself as the straight and honest guy.

Her aides said, Hillary will ask for moderator to cross check the facts, and not by herself. This gave the rival camp, a sigh of relief.