Donald Trump's biggest lies exposed

Donald Trump's presidential campaign is build on the foundation of lies and it can be proved very easily if one has been following the campaign closely. Take a look....

Donald Trump

In his first-ever US Presidential debate Republican nominee Donald Trump has received the ire for his blatant lies and deceits to woo the American voters. Currently, he has become the target of a media-scrutiny over his tall claims and exaggerations. Let's find out what are his real achievements, and how he projects himself in this presidential race.

Donald Trump categorically focused on job losses, migration of industries from US, ISIS, USA's decision to join Iraq war, economic crisis to challenge Hillary Clinton. In his unmatched style, Trump held the Obama administration and previous government of Bill Clinton accountable for the mess.

However, let's do a fact-checking of the claims made by Trump.

1. “Our jobs are fleeing the country, they’re going to Mexico."

Trump has primarily targeted the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but the decline of US economy is not because of the deal alone.

Instead, US Congress pointed out in 2015 that “NAFTA did not cause the huge job losses feared by the critics or the large economic gains predicted by supporters.”

2. “My father gave me a small loan in 1975”

Born into one of the richest families, he had his easy way with funds always. ABC news reported that he borrowed a whopping $14 Millions to start his business. An official report in 1981 reveals that he received a $7.5m loan from Sr Trump.

The actual wealth inherited by Trump is still not clear as he repeatedly refused to file taxes. Trump wants to cut taxes to 'help create jobs,' and Clinton will hike taxes. He plans to reduce the business tax rate to 15%, to eliminate the estate tax-these steps will help the elite 1% of earners to shoot up their wealth by 10.2%.

3. Trump said, “African Americans and Hispanics lead dangerous lives. "

Trump especially blamed the crime rate in Chicago, "It is unable to live there." Trump is a strong supporter of police xcesses. “Stop and frisk which worked very well in New York, It brought the crime rate way down.”
But, a Federal judge has termed it anti-human in his recent ruling on civil rights.

5. Obama Birth issue

Trump continue to dog the issue of Obama's of foreign birth. Obama has made public his birth certificate for nearly five years, but Trump is still following the issue to torment the outgoing US president.

6. Clinton has been “fighting ISIS her entire life”

The ISIS has been active since 2014. It was more a result against US foreign policies and faulty Iraq war. Trump however, repeated claim that “President Obama and Secretary Clinton created a vacuum” for Isis.