Don't waste your time on it: Rahul may change it again

Meantime, a faction of critiques also forecast that Rahul, thus Congress is going to gain if he gets jail for the defamation case through a �martyr impression.�


Rahul Gandhi is at it again!

The Congress vice president who got fed up with interpreting his sudden change in his stand regarding Gandhi assassination, finally said in the court that he is sticking to what he said earlier.

Now, Rahul will have to face trial in a Bhiwandi court in Maharashtra where the defamation case is filed against him by a RSS worker.

The question raises here is why so much of U turns?

When we have a look at the timeline of the entire controversy, we see a lot of drama involved in the case.

Giving a start to the row, he in an election rally held in Thane in 2014 said:

“RSS ke logon ne Gandhiji ko goli mari “(The RSS's people shot and killed Gandhiji)

When Sanghs got offended by the controversial remarks, moved legally against him.

After a long legal battle, he on August 24 through his counsel Congress leader Kapil Sibal informed the apex Court that he never accused RSS as an institution for the crime.

Backtracking what he and his party said through the ages, the Congress leader said that he never held RSS accountable for Gandhi assassination.

The first U Turn.

When media started reading the rapid shift in the year-old policy of the Congress party as a trying to develop bonhomie with Sanghs ahead of UP and Punjab polls, Congress was pushed in the back foot.

When the evidences also suggested that some unholy connection is getting built   between the two, as the RSS is unhappy with Modi and BJP policies, Congress put again in defence!

Rahul and Congress leaders suddenly came up with the explanations saying there is no change in his stand and he is still standing by what he said.

"I will never stop fighting hateful and the divisive agenda of RSS. I stand by every single word I said." He said.

Another turn to the U turn!

However, the explanations and interpretations never helped him convince his party mates. Let alone the public.

According to the party sources, many senior leaders had pressurized the leader and repeatedly checked with the party High Command to give some clarity to the picture.

The mounting pressures within the party, finally compelled him to change the stand again.

Thursday, he told the court that he stands by his 2014 statement about RSS and is ready to face trial.

He has also withdrawn his petition sought quashing defamation case against him.

However, the political scientists believe that at a time when assembly elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in doorstep, the current move from the Congress leader would not be a smart move. Especially, if he got jailed, in a time the party needs a face like him to lead the campaign.

Meantime, a faction of critiques also forecast that Rahul, thus Congress is going to gain if he gets jail for the defamation case through a “martyr impression.”

They also say that a very jail- scared Rahul admitted to face the trial by the pressure within the party, foreseeing this mileage.