Dubai Police Drug Forum to address 'Regional and National role to control simulators'

The Annual Dubai Police Anti-Drugs forum is to commence next week and the theme of the 12th edition is going to address 'Regional and National role to control simulators (Amphetamines and Captagon)'

Dubai Police Drug Forum to address

Dubai Police Drug Forum is getting ready to organise the 12th edition of the Hemaya International Forum which is going to take place on 26- 28 September. International experts of drug combat are going to gather for this event. The theme of this year's forum is going to be 'Regional and National role to control simulators (Amphetamines and Captagon)' as the director of the Directorate of Community Service at Dubai Police, Major General Mohammad Saeed Al Merri has stated.

Over 300 participants from 50 countries are expected to be a part of this assembly. Some of the countries that will be participating are Japan, Canada, United Kingdoms, Palestine, Netherlands, Egypt and most of the GCC countries.

High ranking officials from the police forces of the aforementioned countries are going to be attending this event, Major General Al Merri has pointed out. He also added "This is the 12th edition, which is testament of the success of this conference and its importance"

Hemaya International Forum is organised on an yearly basis, by the Dubai Police with support of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), The Arab Interior Minister Council and other parties.

According to a report issued by UNODC, there has been a noticeable rise in the seizure of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS), on a global level. This report, issued in 2016 also states "For the past few years, methamphetamine seizures have accounted for the largest share of global ATS seizures annually, but, although methamphetamine is a feature of ATS markets worldwide, it is particularly dominant in East and South-East Asia and North America,"

Director of the international training services at the General Department for Community Service at Dubai and the forum’s general coordinator, Colonel  Ebrahim Al Dabal informs that 1 in 20 adults have used some kind of drugs at least ones this year, worldwide. He says that the consumption of drug is high among the age demography of 15- 64 years.

In 2015 , the Dubai Police's s Anti-Narcotics Department got hold of 65.28 million narcotic pills in first half of the year. The numbers have drastically dropped this year, as the department succeeded in seizing 4.17 million through the same phase. Many other kinds of drug have been confiscated by the Dubai Police, such as, 33.8kg of cocaine 14. 9 kg of hashish, 35.5 kgs of marijuana, 33.4kg of heroin and more.

Dubai Police's anti-drug department conveys that joint effort has to be invested by all GCC and international countries to fight the war on drugs.

The forum is going to feature a segment of social and health effects of using stimulants and convey their message by talking about real life experiences and challenges faced while trying to reduce demand of amphetamines and stimulants. Around 20 out of the 66 students who have been working on acquiring an E-diploma on drug combat will receive the same, at the forum.