Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Hanks do an Impromptu Improvisation of Pixar Characters

Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres perform a voice-off of each of their characters from the Pixar, Sheriff Woody and Finding Dory

There is always something that happens at the Ellen DeGeneres Show which makes head lines.  The latest thing that happened on the show was an impromptu improvisation of Ellen’s character of Dory from the movie Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, and Ton Hank’s character of Sheriff Woody from the movie Toy Story.

While discussing the incidents that voice-over actors go through, to make themselves identified to public as the character’s voice, the two hollywood stars Ellen and Tom jumped into a voice-off where each mimicked their respective characters from famous Pixar movies. Hanks asked Ellen if she has ever been in a situation where she had left the children confused when they acknowledge that a 58 year old woman was actually the voice behind Dory. He confessed that he has been in a situation as such and had asked the kid to close his eyes as Hanks did a voice-over of Sheriff Woody, to make the child believe that he was actually the character’s voice. They made the drill, all the more interesting for the audience as they requested them all to close their eyes, just as Hanks had previously done, and made them imagine if they could hear the on-screen characters while the two indulged themselves into an improvisation of their characters, off-screen.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

They also made the audience giggle as they talked about the difficulties and challenges that are faced by voice-over artists while they lend their voices and emotions to animated characters.

The improvisation began with Sheriff Woody (Tom Hanks) saying ““I need my hat, you said you had my hat!” and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) being the forgetful fish she is asked “Who are you?”.  The improvisation also ended at a hilarious note as Dory repeated the same question when Woody asked back for his hat.

Here is a snippet from the Ellen Degeneres Show where the two can be seen performing voice-overs of their characters, on stage: