Emergency tips on how to deal with fevers

A quick look at the various methods at which one can deal effectively with fevers. The precautions and the diet during fevers

Emergency tips on how to deal with fevers

With Dengue and Chikungunya viral fevers prevalent all over the country, hospitals are running out of beds. With fevers running high, joint pains and rashes, ignorant public is panicking, and rightly so.
But amidst this chaos, there are some sane voices who are trying to educate the public about the ways of dealing with these fevers. At a recently held seminar, Fever Cure In 72 Hours, Faridabad-based medical nutritionist Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury spoke at length about these viral fevers.

“The Virus that causes these fevers are not present in the blood stream but are hidden between the cells and so they cannot be destroyed through medicines because the medicine works through blood stream,” he said.

“Human body is like a super computer and it has its own mechanism to fight the virus. It raises its temperature beyond normal level to fight the bacteria/ virus. This causes us discomfort and dis-ease and we go to doctor for treatment. The doctor gives us medicine for fever and as the temperature comes down, the mechanism of the body is hampered and the virus escapes and remains inside the body and attacks again after some time,” he adds.

“Whenever there is any viral or bacterial attack, as a defence mechanism the body raises its temperature, throws out body waste in the form of loose motion, vomiting, cold and cough etc. And, by taking medicine to control these conditions we do a lot of harm our body,” he informs.
Dr Chowdhury advises against taking medicines in such scenario. He has also formulated a three day diet chart following which a patient will surely be cured.

He says that all we have to is monitor the body temperature, and not let it go high. When the body temperature goes beyond 102.2 degree, we should administer cold compress on head and calf muscles to bring it down. Cold compress can be done by dipping four small towels into ice cold water, squeezing these and then placing these, on head and one each on calf muscles. Change it after every 2-3 minutes, till the time the temperature returns to normal. He also gives a diet plan to flush the body toxins and keep it healthy.

Day 1 of fever
Divide your weight by 10 and take that much number glasses of Mausambi juice and an equal quantity of Coconut water throughout the whole day. For example, if the patient is 60 kgs of weight, then he must take six glasses of both the juices and no solid food.

Day 2 of fever
Divide your weight by 20 and consume that many glasses of Mausambi juice and an equal quantity of Coconut water. Plus multiply the body weight by five and take that much weight of tomato and cucumber combined. A person with 60 kgs body weight should consume three kgs of tomato and cucumber.

Day 3 of fever
Divide your weight by 30 and consume that many glasses of Mausambi juice and equal quantity of Coconut water through the day. In addition, one must take body weight X 5 grams of tomato + cucumber in lunch and normal home cooked food for dinner.

Dr Chowdhury asserts that by taking these steps, we can successfully cure any kind of viral/ bacterial fever in three days, without causing any harm to the body and without interrupting the body mechanism. “We need not panic during fever, cough/ cold/ vomiting/ loose motions, but we must monitor the temperature and manage it and also keep supplying sufficient fluids to the body,” he says.