Experts advise Hillary Clinton to alter debate strategy, say Donald Trump gaining

Experts say to win US election-2016, Hillary has to strategically avoid those policies and details in which she dazzles at.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, US presidential nominee of Democratic party has to change her strategies to emerge successful in Monday’s debate, say experts.

Analysing her eventful career as Secretary of State and her turbulent past, they say to win this time she has to strategically avoid those policies and details in which unfortunately she dazzles at.

Wasington Times in an article on Friday states, some of her most cherished victories in her long long political career, have nothing to do with her policy decisions.

Worse, she has fared very badly on some other key issues like-faults in supporting drivers licenses for illegal immigrants in 2007, or her rambling replies to fracking in 2016.

“When we’ve polled debate viewers, the candidate that is seen as spouting the most facts and figures and technical policy language is seen as the loser of the debate,” said Mitchell McKinney, director of the Political Communication Institute at the University of Missouri. “If one takes their task as trying to prove to the American people that they are smarter than their opponent, that they know more, that doesn’t play well on the debate stage.”

Mrs. Clinton has more political experience, and is a better debater than Trump and has clear advantage over Trump- still a political novice who entered the debate stage very late in August 2015.

While Hillary is very calculated with her words and intelligent, Trump has been in spotlight for his campaign dabbles and outbursts in speeches.

Hillary Clinton is smarter than her rival, but unfortunately she couldn’t even score above 50 percent in any of the public-opinion polls.
As the dates for US elections barely two months, she couldn’t make much inroads into her voters.

Contrary to her her friends, and advisors expectations, who expected a cake walk for Hillary, she is facing a daunting challenge now.

Donald Trump, often mocked a clown in Democratic circles, has been expected to give Hillary her biggest ever victories.

But, Trump, widely known to be his own worst enemy, is now giving her nightmares. With falling popularity ratings and a determined unity in the Republican Party, Hillary’s challenges are many.

Trump has made an impact on voters that Hillary has received more campaign money than him to run for presidency.
It now seems Trump has emerged an unquestioned figure during his campaign trail this elections, even outsmarting his intelligent rival.