Find out why Apple has increased orders for parts of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus now

Tech giant Apple has increased orders for parts and components needed to manufacture the upcoming 2016 iPhone 7 scheduled to be launched on September 7.

Find out why Apple has increased orders for parts of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus now

Supply chain vendors in TAIWAN have revealed that Apple has hiked the order volume for parts and components for its upcoming iPhone 7 which is scheduled to be launched on September 7. It hints at Apple planning to now manufacture more iPhone than it had initially planned to as the increase in order is a very recent phenomenon. Industry experts believe that the change in plan is due to the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Samsung last week recalled the Galaxy Note 7 from the market after there were over 30 reports of the smartphone exploding. It was later found that the handset had a battery defect. Samsung has decided to replace all models but the incident has made a huge dent in the image of the brand. After the news broke out, there have been reports stating that Apple has increased its original demand for parts by 10 percent.

The move suggests that Apple is looking to capitalise on Samsung's fiasco and it now seeks to meet the demand from users looking to upgrade to newer devices. Before the recall by Samsung, there was relatively subdued interest in the iPhone 7 models as they failed to offer anything "new" to the users after leaks and rumors suggested all the razzmatazz was kept safe for next year's iPhone.

Apple had originally expected the new iPhone shipments in 2016 to reach only 60% as compared to that recorded last year. But it seems like Apple is now looking to fill the void left by the recall of Samsung Note 7 and subsequent reluctance in the market to sell the device after skepticism.

The upcoming iPhone 7 is said to have some incremental changes like it is rumored to be powered by an A10 processor and 2GB RAM. rumor also suggests that the 7Plus models will be coming with a 4GB RAM running on the same processor with a higher clock speed. Also, Apple could scrap 16GB storage variant and introduce a larger 256GB one.