Five striking features of Sony's Xperia XZ smartphone launched at $699.99

Let's find out some of the striking features of the Xperia XZ..

Five striking features of Sony

Sony’s latest smartphone Xperia XZ has been launched across the world. Let's find out some of the striking features of the Xperia XZ. Sony’s latest Xperia phone is available in US at $699.99.

1.Video Stablisation

This is one striking feature of the new Xperia XZ that makes it unique from Sony's previous models. The company's expertise in camcorder is visible clearly in the XZ’s 5-axis stabilization. Sony has modelled it from its DSLR, the A7 II. XZ helps to shoot clear and smooth videos, whle in motion also.

2 image stabilization

SONY worked on its auto focus and really improved quality of its image stabilization. The Z5 has come along way in the quality and performance of its Z3+, which has been followed by XZ.

Sony relies on correcting image stabilization, not just limited to pitch and yaw, alone. The XZ, by correcting its roll and ‘shift shake’, actually help to create a 5 axis stabilization, that provides smooth movement of the camera in all angles.

3.Intelligent charging

Sony has taken steps to avoid the damage to battery due to over charging, by a new Battery Care feature.
It's OS will control unnecessary charging by monitoring your battery charging accordingly. For instance, it will charge your battery 90% only, even if you keep it for charging overnight.


Similar to its previosus Z series flagship range, the new XZ is also having waterproof qualities.
So it could withstand up to 30 minutes under 1 meter in water. Also it could face severe sandstorms in deserts even in the Sahara, claim the company.

But, surely it cannot face sea water, so dont take it near sea, when you go next time to beach.
5. Camera

Sony upgraded some features to its new Z5 camera. It has new focus qualities, but retains old version's same 23MP Exmor RS sensor.

It is having a new laser auto focus along with a hybrid auto focus. These qualities help it for more accurate focussing of movements. Sony’s says it could focus in just 0.03 seconds.