Graphic Content: Dubai Police arrests murderer of a Filipino Woman

In last May Dubai Police found a headless and handless body of a woman. After three months of investigation, police nabbed the murderer who committed this heinous crime..

Graphic Content: Dubai Police arrests murderer of a Filipino Woman

In last May, Dubai Police had found a headless and a handless body in Al Warqa. It was difficult to immediately identify the victim as it had been decapitated.


After three months of rigorous investigation, the Dubai Police were successful in identifying the body of the victim and the murder of the heinous crime. The woman who was murdered in cold blood and had her head and hands chopped off was a Filipino, Manormeeta Salwaro Dadi. Manormeeta was a house-maid who had been appointed by a family in Abu Dhabi.

She was murdered by a relative, who was a butcher by profession. Reports suggest that he had committed the murdertho over financial issues. Dadi had given her relative a sum on Dhs. 10, ooo, upon consistent request to return the money, the butcher murdered Dadi and chopped off her hands and head.


While he threw her body in a dessert at Al Warqa, he drove to Ajman for burning the head and the hands of the victim who he had murdered.

The deceased's identity was confirmed after the Police requested the family who Dadi served. The forensic department then matched her DNA with her belongings.


There were a total of 9,751 suspects of the murder. When questioned upon, the murder himself confessed to his crimes and said that he has committed the murder over money feud.

Dubai police released a video enacting the procedure of their investigation.

The authorities contacted the family of the victim to convey their condolences and have also declared that they will help the husband and the two children after the death of their 46 years old mother.

Dad's husband, Salvio D.L., who is a police inspector in Manila expressed that "
I knew something bad had happened to my wife" after he had heard of the news in May. He was only waiting for the Dubai police's confirmation. He told the local newspaper Gulf News "My kids, aged 13 and 15, are inconsolable and they haven’t stopped crying since this afternoon". 

Silvio also added "When I saw the picture of the clothes of the victim, I was overwhelmed with grief. I knew that they were hers, her physical description also matches my wife’s"

"If that is indeed my wife, I cannot bring myself to believe that my nephew committed the crime. I do not think he can do such a brutal crime to his aunt."

Husband of the victim has also requested for justice from the Police and the judicial system of Dubai saying "As a police officer, I vouch for the integrity of the results of the police investigation in Dubai. I would like justice to be served, whoever the perpetrator may be,".


Meanwhile, on behalf of the authorities, Consul-General, Paul Raymond Cortes said "As far as we are concerned, we will assist [Mr De Lima] in whatever way there is. We will also take care of the shipment of [the body] remains,"