Heavy Rains, animal slughter turn Dhaka Streets into rivers of blood on Eid day

As heavy rains hit Dhaka on the same day of Eid Al Adha, creating rivers of blood on the streets of Bangladesh's capital due to large scale slaughtering of animals

Heavy Rains, animal slughter turn Dhaka Streets into rivers of blood on Eid day

On the occasion of Eid-Al-Adha, a day when Muslims across the world sacrifice animals as per their religious beliefs, many Islamic countries depict gory blood soaked scenes due to large-scale slaughtering.



Similarly, Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, which is a dominantly Muslim city, many had undertaken the ritual of sacrificing of animals. Although, there is no news as sacrifice on Eid Al Adha is an age-old ritual, this time unexpected rains brought in an unpleasant surprise of gory sights of rivers of blood flowing on its streets.


Water logging has been a serious issue in Dhaka for quite long, agreed a management official, Khandker Millatul Islam. However, responding to angry citizens' criticism over failing to keep the streets clean, the government says that the problem started when people disobeyed laws and didn't use designated locations to butcher animals. Instead they continued to slaughter in their garage or at the front of their homes.


Dhaka has been given 496 locations to slaughter while 501 were assigned to another city, said officials.

Although, the sight of bloodied water flowing through streets of Dhaka was a rather gruesome one and caused a lot of trouble for the people, it did not cause much hindrance to mar the spirits of Eid as people continued to travel, meet and greet their loved ones.


These incidents raised question on religious rituals causing more harm than good as large scale slaughtering takes place, literally flooding streets with blood. It is evident from the images that the blood was more than rain water as all the streets were coated with red.

There are also doubts on what may happen once blood is dried up from the streets and enter into water bodies. Will the water and the environment, in general, be hygienic and clean enough? Would these rivers of blood flowing through Dhaka cause water born diseases or epidemics?