Hillary Clinton 'healthy, fit to serve' as US President: Doctor

Hillary's Republican rival Donald Trump has released health data of his own on a medical chat show

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's doctor has released a statement asserting that the Democratic presidential nominee is "healthy and fit to serve" as US president amid the debate surrounding the health issues of US presidential nominees.

The statement came as Hillary's Republican rival Donald Trump released health data of his own on a medical chat show.

Hillary's statement said the former first lady "continues to improve" after a pneumonia diagnosis.

Earlier, Clinton aides said she will return to the campaign trail on Thursday after falling ill in public at the weekend.

Both candidates, among the oldest ever to run for the White House, have been under intense pressure to share more medical information.

Questions were being raised whether she will be able to live up to the rigours of Presidency, if elected.

Hillary has been diagnosed with pneumonia, her aides formally announced, after she fell ill during a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which led to cancelling a trip to California to attend fundraising events and an appearance at Elen DeGeneris' show.

Earlier, she expressed regret for her decision to ignore her doctor’s recommendation that she rest for five days by attending the 9/11 anniversary.

Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia, but she carried on with a full schedule that same day. She also held a two-hour long meeting with national security experts, a press conference, conducted a lengthy television interview and attended a fundraiser later that night.