Honest traffic cop from Gujarat collects Rs 2.16 crores as traffic penalties

Dhansukh Mansibhai Kachot, a sub-inspector from Rajkot has collected Rs 2.16 crore in the past ten years of his service.

Honest traffic cop from Gujarat collects Rs 2.16 crores as traffic penalties

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At a time when high-level bureaucrats fail to provide valuable service for our country, this traffic police officer from Gujarat has collected Rs 2.16 crore for the Government, as part of his duty. 57-year-old Dhansukh Mensibhai Kachot, from Rajkot made this achievement in the past 10 years of his service (2006-2016) by honestly collecting the traffic fines. This amount would be probably five times more than the salary he might have drawn  from the government.

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Kachot had joined Gujarat police  in 1979 as a constable and was appointed in the traffic department in 2006 after he got promoted to the rank of a head constable. Serving as a traffic police officer in Rajkot, he worked sincerely and honestly to ensure that the traffic rule violators never got away without paying a fine for their digressions.

Kachot said that he, himself handled 1,59,612 cases of traffic violations in which most of them were caught parking vehicles in the 'no parking' zones. Rajkot, as the fourth largest city of Gujarat, has vehicle density.

"I take the photo of a wrongly parked vehicle on my mobile phone so that they won't be able to evade a fine," Kachot told Naradanews.

"They always offer half the amount to me - to settle the matter 'off the record'. I never accepted such offers, as it's unethical. I would make them pay the actual amount of penalty with proper receipts," told Kachot.

Kachot is now an Assistant Sub-Inspector and has many good service appraisals in his service record. He collected an amount of more than Rs 27 lac as traffic penalties last year itself. Sources in the police department hold Kachot in high regard and reveal that he has been rewarded 200 times for his good official conduct by the police department.

Kachot lives in Jetalsar of Rajkot district, with his wife and three children. His two sons are also working as police constables.

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