How Hollywood celebs reacted to Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump Presidential Debate

Hollywood celebrities were the first to react to the Monday night's first-ever Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Katy Perry, Bette Midler, Olivia Wilde are just top stars who took to social media on the debate..
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The 2016 US presidential elections and the Monday night’s debate have become the most watched event in US now. Trump with his violent but funny speeches and actions illiberally stole the show as an amused public watched and debated it live on TV yesterday.

Hollywood’s top celebrities are going all out to express their opinions on the statements made by the two candidates and convey their support to their favorite candidates. Kim Kadarshian recently said she is going to vote for Hilary Clinton.

These famous faces took to Twitter to have their say and show their support. Here is a list of celebrities who had been highly active on social media through the first 2016 Presidential Debate and what they had to say about it:

1. Katy Perry 

2. Mark Ruffalo 

3. Eva Longoria 

4. Bette Midler 

5. Mathew Morrison 

6. Don Cheadle (Also, please have a good look at his Twitter Profile Picture)

7. Olivia Wilde 

8. Chelsea Peretti 

9. Jessica Chastain 

10. Julianne Moore 

Apparently, there isn’t much to guess as to who’s going to win the elections. At least the celebrities are firm on it.