How graffiti has become part of Dubai pop culture

For many years, in many countries, graffiti had been perceived as an act of vandalising public and private property. Dubai looked at it as art.

How graffiti has become part of Dubai pop culture

When the words "youth" and "vandalism" are spoken together, amongst other words that come to mind is "graffiti", as stereotyped in the society.

But Dubai looked at it as art. With the broad mindset of Dubai and its city planners, there is a hint of creativity budding in certain areas of Dubai, old and new. Over the past few years, Dubai has been encouraging the art of graffiti and using the same to beautify different areas.

In fact, Dubai has embedded graffiti into its new pop-culture thoroughly enough to hold the world record for the longest graffiti scroll "Rehlatna" which translates into "Our Journey". This graffiti scroll is spread across 2.245km wall.

Here are other places in Dubai, that are made even better for the tourists and passers-by to look and be amazed at the art work. These gratifies also make some of the best photography sites.

1. Jumeirah Beach Walk 

A walk or a drive through the Jumeirah Beach Walk is going to add dash of colour to your life! Oh and what great Facebook timeline pictures these sites make.



2. City Walk 

The graffiti artists have given City Walk its own unique identity through their art pieces that leave the people awe-stricken.



3. Al Karama

One of the oldest streets in Dubai was made pretty just because of the new graffiti work that had been done on the buildings located at the street.




4. Jumeirah Road  

A long work of graffiti placed on an advertisement board which is in a form of calligraphy, is an example of how the culture of the Emirate has been embedded into the new emerging trends and cultures. There are also other, abstract pieces of work done on a large scale on some of the buildings and villas, situated across Jumeirah Road, right from Jumeirah 1 till Satwa.

Calligraphy graffiti

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Photo Credit: Nick Photography