HTC Ocean Leaks video: Has No Physical Buttons in Sight

The launch of HTC Ocean, leads towards a button - less smart phone in the future

HTC will launch its new smartphone named HTC Ocean. With this launch HTC would be heading towards a button – less smart phone in the future.

This new smart phone was spotted and shared on twitter by leakster Evan Blass who linked a video that he found on the website of a longtime visual and motion designer of HTC. The video says, “just a conceptual piece and does not represent any real product from HTC”.

Though the video had been kept password protected as to keep it secret, still you can find it on Evan Blass’ twitter account.

From the video that Evan Blass has shared on his twitter, the Touch sense UI is very slick in operation. But the fact that it relies almost completely on voice commands to open apps, call friends, schedule meetings and play music is just amazing.

Twitter account LlabTooFeR contributed further to the HTC Ocean rumours by claiming that the current code names are Ocean Master, Ocean Note and Ocean Smart, which suggests that we might in fact be able to see three new devices from this Taiwan based Smart phone producing company HTC in the future.