Hyundai unveils new RN30 concept ahead of Paris motor show

The company said, RN30 is being inspired from motorsport brands and has a "purposeful aerodynamic design"

Hyundai has unveiled its most dynamic new model RN30 Concept ahead of next weeks Paris motor show. The company said, RN30 is being inspired from motorsport brands and will soon hit roads.

The vehicle marks Hyundai’s Motor’s first series from its N high performance division. The specialities of the new model include hot hatches like the Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS.

They have been made the main areas of Hyundai’s new performance arm, led by former BMW M Division executive Albert Biermann.

Hyundai invested lot on a new research and development centre at its lab in Nurburgring, where the model has been tested to compete its endurance tests for the sake of production.

As per Hyundai, the new RN30 concept is based on the new i30’s having a “purposeful aerodynamic design” along with a lower, wider base that will ensure optimum grip on the road and track.

The vehicle is believed to be a tuned version of the Hyundai’s turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine that offers 200kW of grunt.
It has huge brakes and tyres which are also part of the company’s package. It also comes with a punped-up bodywork and a unique interior, with a sporty feel.

RN30 is likely to compete with the Focus RS for its outright aggression. The company has teased images of the upcoming model recently, ahead of its scheduled week’s Paris motor show.

the new model has got a Group B-style boxed wheelarches front and rear. Its unique gaping front airdam helps to iprove its performance enormously.

From the teaser image glimpses of its before unseen three-door version of the model are also seen. The model comes as the new third-generation i30, said the company, adding that it is a racing machine.

Now all the eyes are on the RN 30’s debut in next week Paris show.