India prepared for Pakistan, with a little help from Israel, US

Villages along the border in Punjab have been evacuated and put on high alert after the surgical strikes by India across LoC. The Indian Armed Forces are prepared for any response by Pakistan

India prepared for Pakistan, with a little help from Israel, US

India waited till the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj exposed harbourer of terror Pakistan in front of the world at the United Nations General Assembly to carry out the surgical strikes on seven terror camps based in Pakistan territory. The planning had been underway after the terror attack at Uri Army base. Sources in Defence revealed to Narada News that for the past few days, Israel-made drones Herons had been conducting surveillance operations on the LoC continuously and monitoring the situation and movements in Pakistan territory.

These drones are not detectable by radar of the Pakistan Army. These drones are armed with air-to-surfarce missiles and can be triggered remotely from Israel.

With surveillance inputs from Israel, India planned the surgical operation and was successful in targeting eight terror camps along LoC. India has already deployed Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) along the rugged mountains of Kashmir for surveillance.

Israeli experts had in the past offered to share advance technology for border protection, adapting it to India’s local needs.

An Israeli team visited North Block after the Uri attack to assist in the planning. The fact that the Pentagon has devised secret plans to secure Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal fearing takeover by fundamental Islamic terrorists and possesses vital intelligence information on the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan, which it is said to have shared with Israel, will help Indian Army plan any kind of retaliation in the future by Pakistan with precision.

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India conducted surgical strikes on Pakistan territory against terror modules[/caption]

People living within 10km of the border with Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab have been evacuated. Northern Army command is currently using UAV for surveillance to keep a track of troops movement on the other side of the border with Pakistan. The BSF has put all its units along the international border (IB) on "high alert". Indian Air Force superiority fighter aircraft Su-30MK, which is Russian-made ultrasonic, low flying (can carry nuclear weapons), French-made Mirage-2000 multi-role fighter (high maneuverability) and British-made ground attack aircraft Jaguar (Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft), have already started warfare exercises in Ambala, Pathankot, Jaisalmer and Amritsar.

The Western Air Command is in offensive mode. Army 2 Corp in Ambala and Army 21 Corp in Bhopal are ready to move and the mechanised infantry regiment from Bhatinda is awaiting orders from the command. The mechanised infantry planned to be put into action will include T-90 and major battle tank (MBT). In the morning, the Army evacuated villages along LoC in Punjab and Jammu.

If a war-like situation takes place between India and Pakistan, it would be a high-technology war, which would not extend more than 10 days.