Indian Oil’s revenue is higher than Pakistan, reveals survey

Indian oil Corporation reported 40% higher revenue than Pakistan last year

India’s largest commercial enterprise Indian Oil Corporation reported 40% higher revenue than Pakistan last year, a recent survey has revealed.

Conducted by UK-based anti-poverty charity Global Justice Now, the survey shows that Indian Oil earned $54.7bn compared to $38.7bn revenue of Pakistan, placing itself higher in the list of world economic entities.

The survey also found that the world’s top 69 economic entities are corporations rather than countries in the previous year.

India received 24th position in the list, ahead of Apple and Saudi Arabia.

According to the group, corporations have increased their wealth vis-à-vis countries and the world’s top 10 corporations have a combined revenue of more than the 180 ‘poorest’ countries.

Valued at $285tn altogether, the revenue of these ten corporations equals to $280tn of those countries, which include Ireland, Indonesia, Israel, Colombia, Greece, South Africa, Iraq and Vietnam.

Developed countries like US, China, Germany, Japan and France hold the top five position in the list, while Walmart ranks top among the corporations, holding 10th position in the list.