iPad Mini 5 launch date revealed by Apple, find out

Apple hasn't announced release date of iPad Mini 5. Rumours suggests that this would be released in late 2016 or by early 2017.

Apple hasn’t yet made any official announcements regarding the release date of iPad Mini 5. There isn’t much change in the new iPad 5 Mini, and it has been said that the device will have the features which are similar to that of the iPad Mini 4. Though both have similar specifications, but on the designing front, the new device would be slimmer in design than the iPad 4. The device is expected to have a thickness of 5.5 mm only.

Many expected the iPad Mini 5 would be introduced along with the Apple iPhone 7 earlier this month, but fans were left baffled when the same was not introduced along with iPhone 7. Now rumours says that the new iPad Mini 5 would be released later this year or early in 2017.

Users are now offered with a rose gold version of the iPad Mini 5 and the manufacturer has decided to keep the 32 GB as the standard version for iPad Mini 5. This gadget was earlier available in 16 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB versions. Apple has now decided to incorporate a 3D touch feature in this gadget. Rumours also suggests that the iPad Mini 5 is waterproof and is resistant to dust. Apple lovers are expecting that the device will have the same waterproof features like Apple iPhone 7.

It is also expected that this device would comprise of the latest iOS 10 installed in it and that the use of the Aluminium chassis will also be made into the device and this acts an additional shield that can protect  the device from bending and affecting the model’s appearance.