Is Cheryl pregnant with Liam Payne's baby?

What do you guys think? Will the duo break their silence to hush this news??

Is Cheryl pregnant with Liam Payne


Fans of singer and fashion diva Cheryl Cole are on cloud 9 ever after rumours on the Cole's pregnancy reached them.
They became convinced about Cole's pregnancy when her boyfriend Liame Payne, 23, updated his Twitter bio as 'the luckiest man in the world'.
What everyone now looking forward to is the occasion when Cheryl Cole, 33, who appeared for the L’Oreal ad this week. Apparently her fuller face and made-up appearance made the fans to think that she is indeed 'pregnant'!

Rumours are that Cheryl and Liam are eager to start their family together and are circulating for a while. Cheryl is also managing to avoid being in the limelight for weeks as well as being lowkey on social media although now,  her fans have started putting these rumours.

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Moreover, Cheryl, the former X Factor judge has disappeared lately which is driving her fans crazy thinking that the is actually expecting but keeping calm.

But after the update of Liam's bio on twitter, it kind of confirmed all for 1D fans hoping for baby on board surprise.
“Liam changed his bio to ‘the luckiest man in the world’. "IM SCREAMING,” one fan tweeted.

While the other fan exclaimed,“Why did Liam suddenly change his bio and is like “the luckiest man” i think that Cheryl is pregnant omg (sic),”