Is Gendry Going to Return to Game of Thrones and Fight the White Walkers?

Rumour has it that Gendry is going to make a come back into the Game of Thrones series of Season 7. Rumour also has it that he will be the key to end the existence of white walkers, once and for all.

After spotting Joe Demise, the actor who plays the role of Gendry, at the Belfast Airport, there have been speculations that he might make a come back into season 7.

The situation is similar to the time when Rory McCann who plays the character of The Hound, Art Parkinson who plays Rickon’s character and Osho played by Natalia Tena, were spotted at the same airport prior to the release of season 6.

The last time Game of Thrones fans saw Robert Baratheon’s last surviving son, Gendry was when Davos Seaworth helped him escape from the prison where Stanis Baratheon had kept him captive, to sacrifice him to the Gods of fire. Gendry rowed his boat into the sea and was never seen again.

Joe Demise’s appearance at the Belfast Airport, points towards his come back.

Apart from his return in season 7 of Game of Thrones, there is also a theory flying around that Gendry is going to play an important role in the battle between the living and the White Walkers.

gendry rowing game of thrones hbo

gendry rowing game of thrones hbo

The reason there is a slight chance that this theory seems applicable is because of the smiths men skills that Gendry acquired while he was working for and being trained under Tobho Mott during the reign of his father Robert Baratheon. Considering that Samwell Tarly, famously recognised as Sam, played by  John Bradley-West, has decided to become a  Maester and is going to learn everything about the Valerian steel, which is one of the two things that can be used to kill the White Walkers, he will need a smith who is an expert at wielding swords and has ample knowledge about Valerian Steel.

It is going to be a rather interesting scene to watch members of different houses and other unsung heroes, who are going to come together to fight the White Walkers in the end.