ISIS celebrates Eid by 'slaughtering' prisoners off meat hooks

A 12-minute video, named �The Making of Illusion,� shows people killed by ISIS by slitting their throats, according to media reports

ISIS celebrates Eid by

The Islamic State marked the celebration of holy week of Eid al-Adha by hanging prisoners from meat hooks and killing them like cattle, as per a video released by the outfit.

A media report has compared the slaughter of its Syrian prisoners similar to the sacrifice of goats during the holy Eid.

The 12-minute video, named “The Making of Illusion,” shows people hailing from Der Ezzor province of Syria, clad in orange jumpsuits being lined up by IS militants for a slaughter.

Some of them are blindfolded and their hands are tied up in what looks like a slaughterhouse. One of the scenes show an executioner holding a knife approaching the prisoners as  they wait for their turn.

Then one by one they are killed by slitting their throats, in the 'halal' way, reported Daily Mail, the UK daily. They were accused of being spies by IS and they were hooked upside down like goats before the execution.

Quoting a human rights activist, Daily Mail said the images were "really horrifying".

The full-length video showing extreme cruelty to prisoners is available at The video has been released to terrorize the opponents, added human rights activists.

They were mixed with “short clips showing actors Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise in the 2015 movie
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
,” said the Mail, in an effort to say that the victims were spies for US.

The videos also lauds the recent terrorists conducted by ISIS in France and also aired some of the ISIS attacks in the recent past.

ISIS plays a psychological game in the region by putting pressure on governments and people by periodically releasing videos, showing horrific violence.

Earlier, it has released videos of beheading of captives, including aid workers, journalists and common people, who were caught when the war escalated between ISIS and Syrian government forces.