It's Time To Say Hello To Google Allo

Google is launching a new and improved instant messaging app Google Allo. Now it's time to say hello! to 'Google Allo'.


Instant messaging apps help you stay connected with your dear and near even during  busy hours. Google has now come up with a new messaging app 'Google Allo' which is expected to give tough competition to popular messaging app Whats app!

'Google Allo', can be used in both Android phones and ios, they let you talk more and do more. It helps you in making plans, finding information and in expressing yourself. The more you use it, the more it improves.

These days most people make plans on meeting their friends through message, but the conversation comes to a stand still if you have to look out for a restaurant or cinema. This is not so in case of 'Google Allo' as your conversation never gets paused even when you are busy. With the smart reply feature you can send an instant reply with just one tap. You can respond to messages with a quick tap and can send a "yup" in response to a friend asking "Have you already started from home?" You have many other options on this smart reply feature.

With this app you can make emojis or text in larger or smaller size by just dragging the send button up or down respectively. These apps have more than 25 custom sticker packets. This app also introduces a preview edition of Google assistant, which guides you in having a conversation, reply to your queries and let it get things done directly in your chats. To bring your google assistant to any group chat all that you have to do is just type @Google.

This app also helps you in making plans with your friends, just add assistant to your group and ask for anything you want like movie list, movie time so on and so forth. It gives answers for all your questions and you can even ask your assistant to help you having some fun in a group chat with friends by asking to share a funny video.

The company has given great importance for security and all messages are encrypted using industry standard technology and has even created a mode Incognito within the app. When you chat in this mode the messages will have end to end encryption and additional privacy features like discreet notification and message expiration.

We have welcomed all instant messaging apps, especially Whats app, so now why don't we give a try on 'Google Allo' and experience this new and improved messaging app that google has in store for us. The app is presently being rolled out for Android and ios and would be available world wide in next few days.