Jaguar Land Rover to launch mini SUV in India

The first Mini SUV models will hit the Indian roads by 2019-20. The new models are in the range of JLR's Defender category

As per reports, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), is all set to introduce mini SUVs for the first time in the Indian market.
The automobile tycoon said most likely the first SUV models will hit the Indian roads by 2019-20. The new models are in the range of JLR’s Defender category, said company officials here.

They are codenamed L860, and JLR is going to manufacture them exclusively in India itself, and can be called a genuine Make-in-India product.

Reports suggested that JLR is currently aiming to produce not just the mini Defender in India, but also planning to export their parts outside. There is a surge in the demand for SUVs in India’s growing automobile sector, said the company.

They believe that this would be a pivotal game changer for JLR in India. JLR is owned by one of India’s largest automobile companies, Tata Motors.

Although, not much details on the the proposed JlR’s powertrain is available, reports indicate it is likely to be similar to existing models in India in compact SUV category.

After the launch of the mini JLR Defender, JLR may come up with its new range of luxury mini SUV class in the country.

With its existing manufacturing facility in India, JLR may plan cutting down on cost incurred for manufacturing of vehicles. Currently, all the vehicles are produced in its plant in Pune, owned by Tata Motors.

This plant will help in producing cars for exports and domestic market. It will strive to improve JLR’s world operations by taking its annual sales to about a million units in next ten years, hoped the company officials.

A mini-Defender is useful to satisfy the demands and aspirations of its Indian customers, added JLR officials.

Officials said, they are now receiving more orders for its SUVs than luxury range sedans.

JLR is aiming to expand its operations in India with the new move.