Jay Z Calls "Epic Fail" on The Campaign of War On Drugs in a Recent Video

Jay-Z calls for a change in the concept of war on drugs which was introduced by Nixon

Jay Z Calls "Epic Fail" on The Campaign of War On Drugs in a Recent Video

The rapper of the song Empire State of Mind, Jay Z had partnered up with artist Molly Crababble to make a video, raising concern about the issues related to the campaign of War on Drugs which was initiated by former American President, Richard Nixon.

Jay  Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, personally wrote the script, as well as gave the voice over to the video. While Jay- Z expressed his concerns and stated the facts Molly continued to paint his words on to the canvas.

This multimedia Op-ed series is published under the name of an American media house, The New York Times.

In the video Jay Z points out some core concepts in the theory of drugs on war, which, in his belief, is only worsening the situations for the American-African and Latinos. He conveys that there minority communities are" disproportionately" flooding the American prisons, while the white community is comparatively given more liberty to consume the same drugs in a different manner.

Jay Z also address the hypocrisy of the community for using the same drug to boost their economy but impersonating those who run the business on a small scale, while those who run drug cartels function freely.

Jay Z and Molly Crabapple's groundbreaking video will educate millions of people about the devastation wrought on the African American community because of the drug war," expressed the Senior Director for Grants, Partnerships and Special Projects at the Drug Policy Alliance, Asha Bandele. She also said ""That it is offered at a moment when policymakers are finally joining advocates in demanding an end to the architecture that actually incentivizes biased policing and police violence makes it especially timely."

The famous raper concluded the video making a bold statement by calling the war on drugs an "Epic Fail" attempt by the government and has called for a change in the system which was introduced by Nixon.