Jim Carrey Fights Back Accusations of Abusing Ex-Girlfriend Cathriona White Over Messages

Cathriona White's former husband, Mark Burton, has added to his lawsuit against Jim Carrey that his late wife's ex-boyfreind (Jim) had given her STDs and also abused her over messages while she made efforts of saving their relationship

Last week a lawsuit was filed against Jim Carrey by his late, ex-girlfiend, Cathriona White’s, former husband, Mark Burton, claiming that Jim Carrey was the reason behind White’s death as he was the one who supplied her with the drugs she consumed to commit suicide.

When Jim and his legal aid fought back the lawsuit, pointing that Jim had played no part in his former girlfriend’s suicide, Burton later released new information. According to the statement made by Burton, over the course of Carrey and White’s relationship, Jim had labelled her as a “W***re” and had also given her sexually transmitted diseases.

MI Cathriona White

MI Cathriona White

Burton released a series of messages between the two where Jim has been shown to demand that Cathriona keep the news about her STDs a secret. There are allegations that he also called her an “Ungrateful, selfish b***h”. Burton further elaborates that White acquired Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea from Jim Carrey.

Here are a series of messages exchanged between Jim and Cathriona where she expresses her feelings for him and her concert about her health, where as Jim is shown to be demanding that she signs legal documents as soon as possible and send them trough to him, as he puts an end to their relationship.









The last call Cathriona made was to Jim Carrey, before she committed suicide in 2015.

However, Jim Carrey’s attorney has seen the entire situation in a different light and claim that this lawsuit, filed by Burton, is just a way for him to get some extra money from Jim. They referred to the lawsuit as a “shakedown lawsuit.”

They also brought a new statement to light pointing out that Burton and White’s was a “sham marriage” and that they were married only to help him “evade immigration laws”.

Jim personally has’t said much through the entire conflict, but he did comment on Burton’s “shameful” activities as he conveys “Is this the way a ‘husband’ honors the memory of his ‘wife?’ The real disease here is greed, shameful greed”