Karunanidhi wants sick Jayalalithaa's photo, here's why

The DMK chief told the state governor to ensure a transparent system to inform people about Jayalalithaa�s actual health status

Karunanidhi wants sick Jayalalithaa

As rumour mills are churning out information surrounding the health of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, who has been hospitalised in Chennai Apollo Hospital for a week, DMK chief M Karunanidhi  has urged the state government to immediately take steps to put an end to rumours surrounding her health status by releasing a photograph of the chief minister from the hospital.

The DMK chief told the state governor to ensure a transparent system to inform people about Jayalalithaa’s actual health status.

Late on Thursday night, Subbiah Viswanathan, chief operating officer of Apollo Hospitals, in a statement, said: "Necessary evaluation tests are being carried out. The Honourable Chief Minister has been advised a few days' stay in the hospital for recuperative treatment.”

The former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, in his statement on Facebook,  said "Jayalalithaa has been undergoing treatment in Apollo hospital for a week for fever and dehydration, as reported by a hospital bulletin last week."

“Meantime, there were also reports that she had met officials and leaders in the hospital to discuss on Cauvery issue and that she herself ‘dictated’ the statement on Cauvery issue for the meeting held in Delhi. When there was a practice of issuing photographs of such meetings earlier, no such photos of her meeting in the hospital were released so far. Many of her cadres and followers remain upset about her actual health status. Still nobody has taken an effort to release her photo from the hospital,” he said.

He further added that lack of transparency about her health status helps to spread wild rumours among public.

Karunanidhi stated that the government should immediately release the photo of Jayalalithaa from the hospital to put an end to all rumours, adding that there should be a standard procedure that makes the health status of a Chief Minister transparent before public. He also reminded a similar event in 1984 when there were efforts to release the visuals of MGR (the then Chief Minister) from a hospital abroad after there were similar rumours spread about his health status among public.

Even Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan, who visited Apollo Hospital last day seems to have not met her inside, Karunanidhi said. “There were many people like Radhakrishnan who visited the hospital, but no reports of them meeting Jayalalithaa had come later.”

Criticising the authorities for keeping a mystery over Jayalalithaa’s health, 92-year-old Karunanidhi’s statement reiterated that despite all his ideological differences, he wished to see Jayalalithaa, 68, back in good health to complete her duties as a Chief Minister.