Kashmir: Confusion worse confounded

Now, it should be clear to our 'secular' brigade to understand what AZADI means to 'nonviolent', 'secular' JKLF - it means to be a part of Islamic Pakistan.

Kashmir: Confusion worse confounded

Ever since terrorism took over the Vale of Kashmir in late 1989, one thing that has marked the actions of both the state and the Central governments is CONFUSION and sadly they are still in the same state. That the Government of India is confused is quite apparent when, in just last 24 hours, you read two different statements attributed to the MHA regarding the security cover provided to these anti-India, separatist secessionist 'leaders' operating from the protected places of the Valley. While one statement says that their security has been withdrawn, the other says it has only been scaled down.

Let the wise guys of New Delhi make up their mind first, take their own time and then come out with an operational plan and stick to it. Surrender to these anti-Indian elements could also be a part of the plan, if they like.

Let it be understood by all and sundry that there is nothing indigenous about this so-called freedom struggle. Pakistan right from its birth has been claiming Kashmir as its SHEH RAG, the all important windpipe which is essential for a human being to breathe. Pakistan, having failed in its earlier attempts to grab Kashmir militarily, started exporting terror and terrorists to the Valley in the late 80s, it also managed to make some young boys from the valley to cross over to POK and train them in handling sophisticated weapons to fight the Indian state on their return to the valley. HAJY, which stands for Hamid Sheikh, Ashfaq Majeed, Javed and Yaseen, was the first dreaded terrorist outfit floated by Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. JKLF war cry was and continues to be HUM KYA CHAHTEY - AZADI, AZADI KA MATLAB KYA - LA ILLAH ILLALLAH and to make clear that did not stop at that, it was further elucidated, PAKISTAN SE RISHTA KYA - LA ILLAH ILALLAH.

Now, it should be clear to our 'secular' brigade to understand what AZADI means to 'nonviolent', 'secular' JKLF - it means to be a part of Islamic Pakistan. Could anyone for heaven's sake tell me how is it any different from Syed Ali Geelani's HUM PAKISTANI HAIN, PAKISTAN HAMARA HAI ?

This so-called freedom struggle is a JIHAD sponsored by religious zealots based in Pakistan. These Wahabi and Jamaat-i-Islami inspired terrorist groups like Hizb-ul-Mujahideen to let loose a reign of terror in early nineties killing thousands of fellow Muslims suspected to be AITIQADIS (those who pray at Shrines and Dargahs).

This 'Y' of acronym HAJY, Yaseen Malik shot dead four unarmed IAF personnel at a bus stop one autumn morning in 1989 and an FIR is there but here he is, enjoying the VVIP treatment at the hand of the same State against whom he is at war with. One of the 'Commanders' of JKLF confessed, in an interview on TV that he killed at least 40 Kashmiri Pandits just because they were Hindus. JKLF of Yaseen Malik killed scores of Muslim intellectuals, professionals, religious scholars and many prominent personalities to execute the death warrants signed by their masters in Pakistan.

But the irony is that Indian state, instead of putting this murderer in jail, provided him with a special BSF plane at an odd hour to airlift him from Srinagar to New Delhi, ostensibly for some medical treatment and that was in the early nineties. When confronted by an interviewer for a private TV channel, this Yaseen Malik justified this hospitality of his 'enemies' and funnily spoke thus," PHIR KYA MAI TANGEY MAI JATA, MAI TO BEEMAR THA "(you expected me to go in a TONGA, after all, I was sick).

Kashmiris rejected them within a couple of years and ushered in a new era by restoring a democratically elected state government in 1996. Unknown to most of us, some elements , both at the state level as well as the centre, not only revived these anti-India elements but ensured their sustenance and growth too.

How else can you explain an expenditure of over Rs 500 crore on their upkeep during the last 5 years alone? This huge expenditure includes over Rs 380 crores on their security alone, other freebies include 5-star residence and foreign jaunts too. This does not include the provision of SUVs priced up to Rs 2 crores for their personal use. And remember, out of these 5 years in review, BJP is in power for half this period.

Shabnam Lone is an articulate political heavyweight and daughter of the late Abdul Gani Lone and sister of Sajjad Gani Lone. She startled the BJP spokesperson on Tuesday evening in a popular TV debate show when she said: "You are in alliance with a political party that is your partner during the day and that of separatists during the night".
It is a perfect case of confusion worse confounded.