Katy Perry Strips naked to vote for Hillary Clinton, posts nude pics on Twitter

Katy Perry joined the Hillary Clinton bandwagon. She released a nude video of herself urging voters not to vote for Donald Trump. Katy tweeted " it does not matter what you wear, or if you don't wear anything at all, for going to cast your vote."

After a sensational video released on Save The Day that featured Hollywood’s major celebrities asking their fans, not to vote for Donald Trump, and in return promising them nude scenes, singer of the song Roar, Katy Perry, has recently released a nude video of hers.

In her video, in which she appears full nude, she explains “it does not matter what you wear, or if you don’t wear anything at all, for going to cast your vote, as long as you take the effort of doing so.”

Although, in her video, it has been made clear that going to vote wearing absolutely nothing, is not a legal option, she made the following statement on her twitter account:


Katy Perry, stripped down, butt naked send a clear message on the importance of voting and to convey what you wear while you head out to vote is completely irrelevant. Provided that you don’t show up naked, otherwise, you might have to face the same situation as Katy did in her Funny or Die video.

Through her social media, Katy Perry has made it very clear that she is a dedicated supporter of Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, she won’t show up at the voting sight, wearing no clothes. She also promoted the video on her Twitter and Instagram handle.


How this naked campaign run by Katy Perry is going to effect Hillary Clinton is a question that will only be answered when the results of the election is finally out. The confirmation, perhaps, will come when the fans watch Mark Rufaalo naked on the big screen. Although, there is no specific reason as to why celebrities are resorting to nudity to urge fans to vote for Hilary Clinton, or anyone but Donald Trump, but lets just day this is the new trend.