Major changes Reliance Jio might bring about

Here, Narada checks the possible apparent, immediate changes that could be brought about by Jio

Major changes Reliance Jio might bring about

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio is the new hot cake in the county.

The game-changing entry of the 4G mobile network has put so far other operators into crisis.

By offering absolute free calls and messages till December 31, the new player has gained a huge fans across the country.

The founder of the company Ambani’s ambition is to cover 90 percent of India 1.25 billion population by March 2017 and to eventually cover 18,000 cities and 200,000 villages.

If this dream comes true, this would the biggest leap in the field of technology, the country ever seen.

Here, Narada checks the possible apparent, immediate changes that could be brought about by Jio.

Spring of e-commerce

E-commerce has been urban India’s choice long back. But, only for people living in towns and cities, which is too small in comparison to the people living in villages.

When Jio comes with a good amount of customers from rural India that will definitely work for e-commerce. This will make idea of online purchasing trickle down to the rural India as well.

Foreseeing this, Jio brand has launched a fashion ecommerce site.

The name of the site is AJIO.

Reliance is also in a plan to adopt a dual ecommerce model. This model would be similar to Flipkart's, which operates a general merchandise marketplace and fashion portal Myntra, which it acquired in May last year for about $300 million.

My Jio app, which is already a hit, will also assist its users to purchase from the famous ecommerce websites. This will offer a “all under one umbrella” feel for the users, for sure.

Ease of e-governance

Except for a couple of cities, the notion of e-governance is still an election promise for many places in the country. In many cases, though the government is very eager to implement it, people from the villages showing no interest in the process.

The coming of Jio will do something in this regard. As the company have many customers in rural areas, it can surely facilitate them to make the best use of e governance.

Usage of Aadhar card, payment of electricity bills, and other application without waiting for hours in front of government offices would be a refreshing treat from Jio to the villagers.

Reducing black money

As Jio promotes digital currency more than paper money, it will clearly reduce black money in the country.

Jio Money, Jio’s digital currency and digital payments business, will play a crucial role in this by offering a platform for ubiquitous, affordable and secure digital payments.