Man Arrested in UAE for Claims of Being a Magician and having Super Natural Powers

A man in Ajman has been arrested by the police for conning people into believing that he has magical powers and can fix their problems

A man in Ajman had been fooling people by claiming that he had magical powers and was a professional at witchcraft. He made his preys believe that he could cure diseases, fix health and financial issues, as well as, mend relations, through his magical powers. He use to promise to cure chronic diseases with his ‘magical powers’ for the cost of Dhs 40,000. The matter came into light when a few people complained about the conman practicing such acts around them.



The CID, then, took the initiative to go undercover and see if these complaints were true, by themselves. They pretended to be one of the victims and urged the conman to help them regarding a personal issue. The man was then caught red handed as he carried on with his act of performing magical rituals as he sprayed water all around the house of the undercover CID and proceeded with other sorcery related activities, while wearing a doctor’s coat.

Along, with his arrest on Saturday, the equipments he used to put on an act for the victims, were also seized. He had many water bottles some large and some small, bundles of plant leaves, bottles of oil and also a jar of heart shaped gold pendants. After he was caught in the act he confessed of his crime to the police officers and was arrested.

Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Colonel Abdullah Saif Al Matroushi, said that the alleged was conning people by pretending to perform “acts of sorcery and witchcraft”.

On behalf of the police department, Colonel Abdullah Saif Al Matroushi,, has warned people to be careful around such conmen and to make star and sensible decisions, rather than letting people like the suspect, in this case, take advantage of them at their weakest phase in life.

There is no report of what will be done with the money that he has looted by swindling people into believing that he could fix their problems and rid them off their diseases.